Surgery at Allegheny Valley Hospital

You’ll receive excellent surgical care at Allegheny Valley Hospital (AVH). Our highly trained team provides the full spectrum of surgical techniques, from traditional open surgery to robot-assisted, minimally invasive procedures. We work with you to determine the approach that will be most effective for you and lead to the best long-term results.

Surgery at Allegheny Valley Hospital: Why choose us?

If you or a loved one needs surgery, turn to the surgical team at Allegheny Valley for:

  • Full range of procedures: We provide surgical care for even the most complex cases, working together with specialists in other departments to offer complete care.
  • Personalized care: We know that no matter how routine the surgery is for us, it isn’t routine for you. We make sure you feel informed and confident about your health care, taking time to answer questions and address concerns you may have. Our team supports you throughout your surgery and recovery.
  • Expert care: In addition to our skilled surgical team, you’ll have access to a trained hospitalist. This physician specializes in caring for people in the hospital.
  • Robotic surgery: These advanced, minimally invasive procedures lead to a more precise surgery and a shorter, more comfortable recovery. We are continually expanding our use of robotic surgery so more people can benefit from these procedures. Learn more about minimally invasive and robotic surgery at Allegheny Valley.

Surgery at Allegheny Valley: Conditions we treat

Surgeons at Allegheny Valley deliver comprehensive surgical care, as part of these AHN institutes:


The Orthopaedic Institute offers surgical options for most musculoskeletal needs, from foot and ankle conditions to joint replacement. Learn more about the AHN Orthopaedic Institute at Allegheny Valley Hospital.


The Cardiovascular Institute provides comprehensive surgical care for the full spectrum of heart-related conditions from valve disease to irregular heartbeats. Learn more about the AHN Cardiovascular Institute at Allegheny Valley Hospital.


The Cancer Institute provides surgical care for every type of cancer, including breast, lung, and colon cancers. Learn more about the AHN Cancer Institute at Allegheny Valley Hospital.


AHN’s Neuroscience Institute provide groundbreaking surgical treatment for brai