Liver Cancer

A liver cancer diagnosis can be frightening. Often, symptoms don’t appear until the cancer is advanced and more challenging to treat. At Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute, we offer the latest treatments and a top transplant program to treat liver cancer aggressively and effectively at every stage.

Liver cancer care at AHN

The Cancer Institute is part of a select group of health systems devoted to liver cancer care. Our specialists work exclusively to treat liver cancer. They’re at the forefront of new treatments and therapies, like stereotactic body radiotherapy.

Our skilled team of oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, and physicians discuss your care regularly. We create a treatment plan for each patient to give you the best possible results. We offer surgery, interventional radiology, radiation therapy, and transplant procedures. During your care, you also have access to robust support services such as support groups, palliative care, and cancer genetics.

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Diagnosing liver cancer

We specialize in early detection of liver cancer. The AHN Cancer Institute offers frequent screenings for high-risk patients, such as those with cirrhosis or hepatitis. This preventive care helps us treat cancer early and successfully.

Our team collaborates closely, working with you to get an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment. Our team approach leads to fewer appointments, since you meet with multiple physicians during one visit. We also reduce unnecessary tests by determining which diagnostic tests are right for you. Find out more about liver cancer diagnosis.

Liver cancer treatment

At the AHN Cancer Institute, we specialize in minimally invasive robotic surgery and a pioneering liver cancer therapy called stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). This precise, noninvasive technique delivers high doses of radiation directly to tumors with minimal damage to healthy tissue. This is a life-changing option for patients for whom surgery isn’t an option. This revolutionary outpatient treatment only takes four or five days.

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Call the AHN Cancer Help Line anytime at (412) NURSE-4-U (412) 687-7348 to schedule a cancer-related appointment or to just talk with our nurses about diagnoses, treatments, and side effects.