Information for AHN Patients

When we promise to treat you with world-class care, we're talking about a commitment much greater than new technology in the operating room.

How to get to and find your way around our hospitals

Hospitals can be big facilities. We want to help make it easier for you to find where you need to go. We have information about where you can park and how to navigate around our facilities below:

Contact a department at an AHN hospital

Where can you eat and stay nearby our hospitals

If you are traveling to receive care at one of our hospitals, there are several options where you can find lodging and food nearby. Our hospitals often have partnerships with nearby lodging options to provide you with a discount during your stay. Learn what’s available near each of our hospitals:

Patient care services at our hospitals

At each of our facilities, we supplement our leading-edge clinical treatment programs with patient care services that make your visit more comfortable. These services may include pastoral care, translation and hearing-impaired services, uncomplicated discharge procedures, and more. Learn more about the patient services at each of our hospitals:

Find a support group

AHN offers a number of programs and groups designed to answer your personal questions about topics such as improving your health, the emotional aspects of illness, preparing for surgery or childbirth, and more. You can find dates, times, and locations for upcoming classes and support groups on our events calendar. Check back often, as new classes and support programs are being added frequently.

Find a support group for your needs.

Did an AHN employee go above and beyond for you? Reward them!

When an AHN employee goes above and beyond the call of duty, we like to recognize their efforts with a RAVE award. RAVE stands for Recognize and Acknowledge Valued Employees, and it’s our way of honoring those who provide exemplary care or service.

But we only know who deserves to receive this reward if you tell us. So if someone went above and beyond for you, reward their effort by submitting them for a RAVE award.

Help improve the patient experience at our hospitals

You can partner with our health network staff to improve services, meet local health care needs, and help AHN provide a positive experience for patients like you. Learn more about how you can contribute by joining a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC).