What Is FFP?

FFP stands for Fresh Frozen Plasma. When a unit of blood is donated, the plasma portion may be separated and frozen for future use. When this frozen plasma has been thawed, it is referred to as Fresh Frozen Plasma or FFP.

Plasma accounts for about 55% of blood volume. Plasma’s constitution can be described as 90% water and 10% solid matter, the latter consisting of albumin, clotting proteins, immunoglobulins, carbohydrates, salts, vitamins, and other substances.

Jehovah’s Witnesses consider plasma (including FFP) to be a primary component of blood which they do not accept. (See the chart Jehovah's Witnesses and Blood Products.) The use of products derived from plasma such as albumin, clotting proteins, and immunoglobulins is considered by Jehovah’s Witnesses to be a matter of individual decision.

The term ‘FFP’ may not be as recognizable to some persons as the term ‘plasma’. What can a patient do if he/she is asked about an unfamiliar term like FFP by a medical provider? Ask for clarification: ‘Can you explain to me what that product is?' 'Can you use other words to help me understand that term?’

Whether it be accounting, construction, food service, or medicine, specialized fields often use terms which may be unfamiliar to others. Those who use such terms can often adequately explain their meaning to persons less familiar with the terms. Reference works can also be consulted to ensure an adequate understanding.

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