Orthopaedics at AHN Grove City 

AHN Orthopaedic Institute experts at Grove City use the latest technology and techniques to treat joint pain, fractures, and other types of orthopaedic injuries.

Orthopaedic care at AHN Grove City: Why choose us? 

Our team of specialists is part of the Allegheny Health Network Orthopaedic Institute. That means patients at Grove City have access to:

  • Research-based care: We stay up to date on the latest research in orthopaedics, using the newest methods and technologies to provide the most effective care.
  • Personalized services: Our team works with you to develop a treatment plan that considers your health goals, preferences, and lifestyle. Together, we help you regain your strength and flexibility while decreasing pain.
  • Specialized care: We are equipped to deliver multiple treatments, whether through surgery, medications, bracing, therapy, or other specialized care. 
  • Minimally invasive approach: We use tiny incisions and small instruments to perform minimally invasive surgery. This approach offers a shorter, more comfortable recovery.

Orthopaedic Services at AHN Grove City

Orthopaedic injuries and conditions can vary widely. That’s why we offer wide range of services, including:

  • Sports medicine: Our fellowship-trained sports medicine experts offer the latest in surgical and non-surgical treatments to help athletes overcome injuries and return to the game, including concussion diagnosis and treatments.
  • Therapy services: Specialists in physical therapy and rehabilitation help you regain mobility, flexibility, and strength.
  • General orthopaedics: Including care for bone and joint conditions.
  • Joint replacements: Total joint replacements of the hip and knee.
  • Hand and upper extremity surgery: Including carpal tunnel release, trigger finger, tennis elbow, and fractures of the fingers, wrist, elbow, and shoulder.  

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