Surgery Center at Bethel Park Health + Wellness Pavilion

When you decide to have surgery, you place your complete trust in your health care team’s hands. At Bethel Park Health + Wellness Pavilion’s surgery center, we honor that trust with comprehensive surgical care from highly educated, board-certified surgeons.

We perform many types of outpatient surgery, from general surgery to cosmetic surgery. When you come to us for your surgical care, you know you’re in good hands.

Surgery center at Bethel Park Health + Wellness Pavilion

Surgeons at Bethel Park Health + Wellness Pavilion offer several types of outpatient surgery solutions. Working with other members of your health care team, we develop a surgical treatment plan that best addresses your personal needs and goals.

When you have your surgery at Bethel Park Health + Wellness Pavilion, you benefit from:

  • Surgical excellence: From minor orthopaedic procedures to more complex gastroenterological surgeries, Bethel Park Health + Wellness Pavilion surgeons are dedicated to providing you with the most advanced treatment options possible.
  • Innovative technologies: Our outpatient surgery center houses the latest technologies to assist your surgeon in providing the best care possible. Whenever possible, we offer minimally invasive surgery using the newest surgical tools and techniques.
  • Focus on wound care: The outpatient surgery center works with specialists at our wound care center to offer specialized care for people living with chronic, nonhealing wounds. We provide standard wound treatments in addition to advanced therapies like biological skin substitutes, specialized wound dressings, and vacuum-assisted devices (wound vacs).
  • On-site diagnostic laboratory: During some procedures, doctors take tissue samples for further examination. In some cases, surgery cannot progress until the results are known. Our on-site diagnostic laboratory shortens wait times for test results, providing you with a faster overall procedure time.
  • New facilities: Our surgery center was built in 2016. Visitors enjoy a clean, comfortable atmosphere in our treatment rooms and waiting areas. For added convenience, we offer free parking just outside the surgery center.
  • Specialist referrals: If your condition requires more intensive surgical management, Bethel Park Health + Wellness Pavilion acts as your gateway to the rest of Allegheny Health Network’s surgical specialists.

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