Robotic and Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic Surgery

Our orthopaedic surgeons use the latest technologies, including robotic and minimally invasive surgery, to deliver lasting relief for nagging problems such as lower back pain. We also use minimally invasive technologies to treat complex injuries (orthopaedic trauma), helping you get back to your everyday life.

What is robotic surgery?

Allegheny Health Network (AHN) was the first program in western Pennsylvania to use Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology for hip and knee replacement surgery. This technology uses a robotic arm with sophisticated surgical tools to help our experts perform highly precise surgeries.

AHN orthopaedic surgeons were the first in Pennsylvania to use ExactechGPS® for more precision in shoulder replacement surgery. This advanced technology combines surgeons’ expertise with a computer system to perform your shoulder surgery with a goal of advanced accuracy and precision.

Read more about knee, shoulder, and hip replacement surgery.

What is minimally invasive surgery?

This technique uses the smallest necessary incision along with a camera and miniature tools to perform complex procedures, including hand surgery. Our experience from performing thousands of procedures every year helps us deliver treatments with exceptional results. Learn more by reading Dan's story.

We use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible, including procedures to examine and treat joint problems (arthroscopy) and spine surgery for back pain.

Arthroscopy at AHN

We use arthroscopy to treat many joint problems, including hip, knee, and shoulder pain. Our surgeons access the joint through several small incisions and repair damaged tissue with the help of tiny instruments. Read more about arthroscopy.

With arthroscopy, we catch and treat problems earlier, protecting you against irreversible joint damage. In addition to relieving pain, arthroscopy may delay or help you avoid additional surgeries. Read more about joint repair.

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Our team includes orthopaedic surgeons who use the latest technologies to treat lower back pain and congenital (present at birth) spine conditions such as scoliosis. Read more about our Spine Division.

We offer many forms of minimally invasive spine surgery, including:

  • The iFuse Implant System®: AHN utilizes a new technology for lower back pain in the sacroiliac or SI joint. Using iFuse technology, we access the SI joint through tiny incisions in the hip. We then join (fuse) bones together to stabilize the joint. Find out more about our expertise in treating lower back pain.
  • Mazor X™ system: AHN surgeons were th