Joint Replacement

For some people who experience nagging joint pain, procedures such as joint resurfacing or joint fusion only provide temporary relief. But at Allegheny Health Network (AHN), you are not out of options. We expertly deliver the latest joint replacement techniques to get you up and moving again.

We offer a level of precision and expertise that’s on par with the country’s leading programs. After surgery, you can expect to return to your daily life faster – including activities you thought you had to give up.

Joint replacement surgery at AHN: Why choose us?

We perform hundreds of joint procedures every year using the latest techniques, including minimally invasive surgery. This level of expertise leads to safer, more accurate procedures and a joint that feels and moves more naturally.

AHN was the first program in western Pennsylvania to use the Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology for hip and knee replacement surgery. This technology uses a robotic arm with sophisticated surgical tools to help our experts perform highly precise surgeries. AHN was also the first program in Pennsylvania to utilize Exactech GPS® for shoulder replacement surgery. This technology, combined with our surgeons expertise, provides enhanced accuracy and precision. Find out more about robotic and minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery.

Our commitment to whole person care before and after joint replacement

If you are undergoing knee or hip replacement surgery, our Diamond Care program helps you have a positive experience, with less worry and better results.

Under the Diamond Care program, you will receive:

  • Individualized care: Our nurse navigators coordinate your care from pre-surgical testing through follow-up care.
  • Helpful information: We explain what to expect every step of the way. We also introduce you to the nurses and therapists who will be taking care of you, so they can get to know you and your preferences.
  • Prompt rehabilitation services: We get you moving again as soon as it is medically safe to do so. Many people start physical therapy within hours of surgery.

What to expect during joint replacement surgery

During joint replacement surgery, we replace a worn-out joint with an artificial joint made of metal or plastic. The artificial joint functions like a normal healthy joint, allowing you to move through life without pain.

In many cases, you can expect to start using your new joint within hours of surgery. You may even be able to go home the same day. We also help you make a smooth transition back to your daily activities with personalized physical therapy. Our patients are often amazed at how good they feel.

Types of joint replacement surgery we offer

Our joint replacement procedures include:

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