Why Choose Us for Esophageal Cancer Treatment?

Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute is home to extensive research programs studying new approaches to esophageal cancer care. In a weekly tumor roundtable, top experts from multiple disciplines discuss patients with the most complex diagnoses and make treatment recommendations.

You have access to the most innovative therapies available as well as robust support services, including support groups, palliative care, and cancer genetics.

Esophageal cancer: our approach to care

At the Cancer Institute, our specialists have you at the center of everything we do. Our physicians, surgeons, oncologists, and researchers have devoted their careers to diagnosing and treating esophageal cancer. This high level of specialization gives us the expertise and experience to find an effective treatment solution for you.

We work with AHN’s nationally recognized Esophageal Institute to obtain the best results possible. Features of our program include:

  • Advanced technology: We perform surgery using the smallest incisions possible, leading to an easier recovery. Many of these minimally invasive robotic surgery treatments are only available in a handful of institutions in the United States.
  • Collaborative care: We bring the most complex esophageal cancer cases to our tumor board, which includes physicians, surgeons, medical oncologists, radiologists, and researchers. You benefit from the experience and knowledge of these experts.
  • Convenient services: We designed our facility around the needs of our patients. The large, full-service center allows you to meet with multiple physicians and experts during one visit. For your convenience, you can take care of tests, appointments, treatment, and rehab (if needed) all at the same facility. Plus, if you're having pain or other side effects, you get prompt treatment from one of our specialists at our After Hours Oncology Clinic, instead of waiting in an emergency room.
  • Quality esophageal cancer care close to home: You don’t have to travel far to get the comprehensive care you need. You can focus your energy on your health, not on traveling.
  • Research-driven treatment: Our robust clinical trials program is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the country. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you could take part in important medical research that helps discover a revolutionary treatment.

Esophageal cancer: diagnosis and treatment

We know you want answers without having to wait. Our team, which specializes in diagnosing esophageal cancer, gets you an accurate diagnosis quickly. Learn more about esophageal cancer diagnosis.

After confirming a diagnosis, our highly experienced physicians, surgeons, medical oncologists, radiologists, and research coordinators work together to determine the best course of treatment for you. Find out more about treating esophageal cancer.

Contact us

Call the AHN Cancer Help Line anytime at (412) NURSE-4-U (412) 687-7348 to schedule a cancer-related appointment or to just talk with our nurses about diagnoses, treatments, and side effects.