Geriatric Trauma

When traumatic injuries (such as falls or car accidents) happen to older adults, complication rates are often higher compared to younger patients.

Our Geriatric Trauma Consultation Program and the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) protect older adults in cases of unexpected injury and potential complications.

Geriatric trauma care at AHN: Why choose us?

AHN’s Geriatric Trauma Program uses specific geriatric medicine protocols to guide older-adult trauma patients and their families through the entire hospitalization process — from initial evaluation to discharge. We provide specialized treatment to ensure the best possible care with the fewest possible complications.

How we treat geriatric trauma

Our initial examination and care for elderly patients includes additional geriatric medicine services that help ensure they receive the most appropriate care and the most effective plan for recovery. These services include:

Comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA): We review your capabilities and limitations, like whether you’re currently receiving additional care, your overall medication use, trouble with sight, balance, and memory, and any other recent injuries or hospitalizations.

Decision-making abilities and care preferences: We determine the potential impact on your overall health and quality of life. We document your priorities and preferences for treatment and meet with your family to discuss the goals of your care.

Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP): We help you maintain mental and physical function throughout your hospital stay. We work to support your transition home and prevent unplanned readmission.

Geriatric patient discharge: Before being discharged after treatment for a traumatic injury, we help make a plan for care in your current home environment, including social support, any necessary medical equipment, and home health services.

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