Lung Cancer

A lung cancer diagnosis can be frightening. Fortunately, this type of cancer may be manageable, especially when caught early. We diagnose cancer quickly and find the best treatment to maximize your health.

Lung cancer care at AHN

About 200,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer every year and Pennsylvania has the sixth-highest lung cancer incidence rate in the country. At Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute, we treat thousands of patients every year, yet give each person the personal attention they deserve. We offer patient-centric, effective, and compassionate lung cancer care to help you feel better, faster. You also have access to our robust support services such as support groups, palliative care, and cancer genetics.

Our skilled medical oncologists and surgeons provide expert care targeted to the type of cancer you have. We have a deep understanding of the latest lung cancer screening options and treatments, so we can stop cancer in its tracks. We use innovative research to treat even the most complex cases of cancer. Learn more about why people choose us for lung cancer treatment.

Learn how Stephanie turned I have cancer into I had cancer:

Diagnosing lung cancer

We offer a cutting-edge lung cancer screening program to catch lung cancer early. At this stage, there may be no symptoms (asymptomatic), which is why screening is necessary to detect the cancer. Using noninvasive computed tomography (CT) scans, we can diagnose lung cancer early, when the treatment can be more successful. Learn more about our approach to lung cancer diagnosis.

Lung cancer couldn't hide from this team

With the AHN multidisciplinary team approach to Barbara’s case, nothing went unnoticed, or untreated.

Lung cancer treatment

The most common types of lung cancer are small cell and non-small cell lung cancer. Each requires its own type of treatment.

Our team finds just the right treatment to target the type of cancer you have. For example, we specialize in using targeted oral therapy to treat a type of lung cancer called driver-mutated lung cancer. Get more information on lung cancer treatment.

Contact us

Call the AHN Cancer Help Line anytime at (412) NURSE-4-U (412) 687-7348 to schedule a cancer-related appointment or to just talk with our nurses about diagnoses, treatments, and side effects.