Neurotrauma (Neuro ICU)

When a traumatic incident such as a car crash occurs, fast action saves lives. At Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Neuroscience Institute, we’re here when you need us the most.

Our dedicated team of trauma specialists provides life-saving care at two accredited trauma centers in western Pennsylvania. We use sophisticated robotics technologies and neurosurgical precision to expertly care for patients with severe brain and spinal injuries.

Expert neuro ICU care at AHN

Our nationally recognized team of trauma specialists treats patients who have traumatic injuries to the nervous system. Patients and families benefit from our:

  • Neurosurgery expertise: We were the first in western Pennsylvania to offer certain minimally invasive procedures to treat brain aneurysms. Our neurologic and orthopaedic spine surgeons use sophisticated robotics technology to enhance precision in intricate spine surgery, increasing patients’ chances for a full recovery.
  • Superior access: Our network offers specialized neuro-critical care services at two accredited trauma centers, allowing us to provide rapid, life-saving care to more people in Allegheny County and surrounding areas.
  • Advanced critical care technology: Our sophisticated operating rooms are equipped with image guidance and other technologies that increase precision during highly complex surgeries. We use a full spectrum of monitoring technologies to assess the body’s healing process and detect complications early, when they are easier to treat.
  • Dedicated trauma teams: Specialists in neurosurgery, neurology, critical care, neuro-radiology, and anesthesiology work together to provide an exceptional caliber of neuro-critical care to hundreds of patients every year.
  • Comprehensive concussion care: Our concussion specialists, including sports medicine physicians, neurologists, and support professionals, use the latest technologies to treat all forms of head trauma. We track your long-term progress to monitor your health.

Advanced neuro ICUs at AHN

AHN provides 24/7 neurotrauma care at:

  • Allegheny General Hospital: Our Level I Trauma Center – the first health system in western Pennsylvania to earn this distinction – offers the highest level of critical care and intensive monitoring for the most severe types of neurotrauma. The center features a dedicated Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit with 22 large private rooms, to give families privacy during difficult situations. Find out more about Allegheny General Hospital.
  • Forbes Hospital: This accredited Level II Trauma Center provides exceptional care for concussions, spinal injuries, and serious brain and spinal injuries. We are the only accredited trauma center in Allegheny County outside of Pittsburgh. Read more about Forbes Hospital.

Conditions we treat

Our trauma specialists have deep experience treating patients with many types of brain and spinal injuries, including:

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