A doctor meeting EMTs at their ambulance as they are unloading their stretcher.

Emergency Medical Services Pledge

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Committed to excellence in prehospital care

As an Emergency Medical Service provider, you rely on our hospitals. Our EMS Pledge lays out what you can expect when you arrive at any AHN Emergency Department.

We pledge to be

Attentive, Respectful, and Accountable

  • Emergency medical services staff driving an ambulance in traffic with its lights flashing.

    Pre-Arrival Communications

    • We will closely monitor appropriate communication channels to receive your report.
    • We will coordinate prompt access to a medical command physician when requested.
    • We will activate appropriate specialty teams to expedite the care of your patient based on clinical criteria or per your request.
  • Emergency medical services staff rushing a patient to the ER.

    On Your Arrival

    • You and your patient will be greeted respectfully.
    • If a delay in bed placement occurs, we will communicate clearly with your crew and patient about the expected time frame.
    • Once the treatment area has been reached, our staff member will introduce themselves and listen to your report in its entirety.
  • Emergency medical services staff rushing a patient to the ER.

    After Patient Transfer

    • We will maintain an area dedicated to EMS providers, where you can find refreshments that also include healthy choices.
    • We will care for, including cleaning, any equipment that you must leave with us. If you do not visit our facility regularly, we will ship the equipment to you in a timely fashion.
Three emergency service  professionals from the Marvel's graphic novel The Vitals - True Nurse Stories standing in a super hero pose.

The Vitals are back!

We teamed up with Marvel once again to bring to life true heroic stories from the front lines of the pandemic in the form of a Marvel comic. This time, celebrating our EMS heroes.

Your Feedback is Important

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An AHN LifeFlight helicopter parked on a helicopter platform.

Prehospital Care Services

Our resource guide gives you the information that you need to provide exceptional care to our patients.    

• Cardiac Cath Lab activations available by request.

• Course schedule and location information, along with contacts.