Program Description

The Fellow is expected to train five days a week and have 20 days off during the twelve month fellowship. Ten months will be spent completely in the Breast Center. The Fellow will always train under the direct supervision of a fellowship trained breast imaging radiologist. There are two basic rotations in the breast center for the Breast Imager and Fellow. The rotations are for one week at a time. The first rotation encompasses Diagnostic Breast Imaging. During this week the Fellow will interpret screening and diagnostic mammograms. He or She will be the first radiologist to see the mammogram and decide if the study is normal or needs further imaging. If additional images, including breast ultrasound, are needed, the Fellow will directly supervise these studies. The Fellow will be directly involved in the ultrasound study under the supervision of the attending radiologist and the certified sonographer. As part of the diagnostic training, the Fellow will also perform a breast physical exam of the breast in question.

For the alternating Breast Intervention week, again under the direct supervision of a dedicated breast imaging radiologist, the Fellow and this radiologist will be responsible for performing all breast interventional studies, read screening mammograms, and interpret all Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging studies. Breast Intervention includes the performance, under the direct supervision of the attending radiologist, of all needle localizations (wires, radioactive seeds, magnetic seeds; whether they are mammographically or ultrasound guided) and interpretation of the