Stomach Cancer Diagnosis

At Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute, we get you a quick, accurate diagnosis. As soon as we confirm the diagnosis and the stage of the cancer, our highly experienced tumor board discusses personalized treatment recommendations for you.

Our top-notch physicians, surgeons, and medical oncologists work together to determine the most effective treatment plan. We discuss all the details of the plan with you and your family so you feel informed and confident about your care. Our whole-person approach includes robust support services such as support groups, palliative care, and cancer genetics.

Expert stomach cancer diagnosis at AHN

At the Cancer Institute, our expert team provides quick and accurate diagnosis. You can expect the diagnosis process to be:

  • Minimally invasive: Most of our diagnostic tests use sophisticated technology that keeps you as comfortable as possible. Many tests do not even require an incision.
  • Expert: Our stomach cancer specialists use the latest research, so you receive the most precise diagnosis. A precise diagnosis helps us create a more effective treatment plan for you.
  • Convenient: Most of our tests can often be done during one visit. We provide a quick turnaround time for results, to reduce your wait time.

Diagnostic procedures for stomach cancer