Sports Physicals and Health Screenings

In many cases, the first step toward playing competitive organized sports is making sure you’re physically ready and able to participate.

AHN Sports Medicine experts provide thorough exams that meet the common scholastic requirements and help ensure safe involvement.

Benefits of sports physicals and health screenings

The goal of pre-participation physical exams is to assess an athlete’s fitness level and identify any potential issues. If any issues are found, your child can be referred to a specialist to help resolve them before their season begins.

Sports physicals and health screenings at AHN: Why choose us?

AHN Sports Medicine offers sports physicals through clinicians with a specific concentration in sports medicine, so our comprehensive physical exams can help ensure an athlete’s ability to safely participate in their sport of choice. 

What to expect

Our exams consist of medical and orthopaedic evaluations. The medical section assesses an athlete’s vitals along with an exam of internal systems, such as cardiovascular and pulmonary function. This includes a thorough review of the athlete’s medical history.

The orthopaedic evaluation includes an examination of your child’s musculoskeletal system as well as reviewing any previous injuries. We assess range of motion, strength, and neurological function.

Contact us

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