Wound Care FAQ

1. Should I let my wound be open to air?

No, wound healing best occurs when the wound bed is kept moist and the healing cells can travel across the wound to close it. The purpose of dressing prescribed for you is to maintain just the right amount of moisture, not too much and not too little. It will also protect the wound from contamination from the environment.

2. Can I get my wound wet in the shower?

Yes, unless you have sutures (stitches), staples, exposed bone, or your doctor has advised against it. Make sure you ask before you shower or bathe. If you need to keep your wound dry, use a garbage bag or some sort of plastic cover to keep it dry when you shower. Typically you should not be “soaking” your wound.

3. What if I forget to change my dressing?

As soon as you remember, change your dressing. Be careful in removing it, just in case it is stuck to the wound. Use enough water to soak it off if it is stuck, so that it comes off without causing you any pain. Then redress your wound as the doctor has directed.

4. How do I cleanse my wound?

You can cleanse your wound using normal saline(saltwater) or a special wound cleanser prescribed by your doctor.

5. Can I use a whirlpool to clean my wound?

No, water under pressure may drive bacteria (germs) into the wound tissue. We do not typically recommend use of a whirlpool on a regular basis.

6. If I get dry skin, can I use lotion?