A mammogram, or breast X-ray, is an extremely important yearly exam and your first line of defense against breast cancer. 

The team of mammography specialists at AHN breast care centers offers compassionate, quality care. They will walk you through the process, make you feel as comfortable as possible, and be there to support you the entire time. 

Quick guide to Mammography

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1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime* — and early detection through a mammogram helps combat that.

Scheduling your mammogram

All women over the age of 40 should receive a yearly mammogram. It’s also important that you know your other potential risk factors — like a history of breast cancer in your family — and share that with your care team. There are two main types of mammograms:

  1. Mammogram screening
    This is your standard, routine mammogram. You should receive this screening yearly after the age of 40 to help detect potential changes in your breast that could be breast cancer. 
  2. Diagnostic mammography
    If a routine mammogram shows something that needs a closer look, or you’re experiencing other symptoms — like breast pain, thickening of skin, nipple discharge or changes in the size of your breasts — your provider may suggest a diagnostic mammogram. This more in-depth screening can view tissue that may have been difficult to see on a standard mammogram.

Mammography tips 

  1. Schedule yours about a week after your period. 
    Your breasts will be less sensitive, making it a bit more comfortable.
  2. Wear a comfy, two-piece outfit. You’ll need to remove your top and bra.
  3. Don’t apply deodorant, powder, or lotion. It can affect the imaging.


Why you should choose AHN

Our team of breast care specialists understands how uncomfortable, and oftentimes overwhelming, receiving a mammogram can be. 

That’s why we put extra effort into making it easy to schedule your mammogram — offering convenient locations and appointment times. We’ll also do everything we can to make your screening as stress-free as possible.

Convenient locations

We have over 20 Breast Care Centers — serving Pittsburgh, Erie, Grove City, Westfield, NY, and the surrounding areas.

Extended hours

It can be difficult finding time in your schedule for a mammogram. But with our early morning, evening, and weekend hours, you can easily fit a mammogram into your busy work and home schedules. 

Advanced technology

Our breast specialists use the most innovative tools to protect your health and detect disease. Depending on your circumstances, your care team may recommend one of these screenings or follow-up tests. 

  • Digital mammography: We store your X-rays electronically on a secure computer system. This technology allows our technicians to more easily compare your images year after year and identify subtle changes.
  • 3D mammography: Also called digital tomosynthesis, this screening takes multiple images of your breasts from different angles to create a three-dimensional image. A 3D mammogram is often better than a standard mammogram at detecting cancer signs in breasts that are dense or have little fatty tissue.
  • Breast ultrasound: This follow-up procedure after a mammogram helps determine whether a lump is fluid-filled (a noncancerous cyst) or solid. A solid lump may be noncancerous or cancerous.
  • Breast magnetic resona