Foreground: computer image of a mammogram; out-of-focus background shot of nurse assisting a female patient during her mammogram

Mammograms can save lives

Early detection is the key to beating breast cancer. Schedule your annual mammogram with AHN.

Know before you book

To schedule your annual mammogram appointment online, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Female, age 40 and over
  • It’s been at least one year (365 days) since your last screening
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • No current breast issues or problems
  • No recent upper body or mobility-limiting surgeries

Find a mammogram appointment

With over a dozen locations and times that work for you, it’s easier than ever to catch up or stay up to date on your mammogram.

AHN nurse wearing PPE assisting a female patient to the correct position during her mammogram

Check your mammogram off your list

Book your annual mammogram and then check it off your list. This 20-minute screening is your first line of defense against breast cancer. Call to schedule your mammogram today.

Why mammograms are so important

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.+ Early detection helps save lives. Make your mammogram a priority.
  • Pink and white illustration of a safety checklist for mammograms

    Safety first. Always.

    AHN is taking every precaution necessary to keep you safe — with heightened disinfecting and protection measures across our network.

  • Pink illustration of a location marker like one would find on a digital map.

    Imaging locations

    With over 20 breast care centers throughout western Pennsylvania and New York, wherever you live, you can get your mammogram closer to home.

  • Illustration of a nurse with dark hair wearing pink scrubs.

    Mammography at AHN

    Our mammography specialists will make this screening as comfortable as they can. Take a look at a few additional tips to consider. 

Older mother kissing her smiling, middle-aged daughter on the forehead, after her mammogram.

Remind a friend

Once you book your mammogram, remind other people you care about to do the same. A simple text or quick call will let them know you care and may be the gentle nudge they need to schedule their screening. Early detection is key to fighting breast cancer. Your reminder could save their life. Share on social media or copy and paste this link.

The Cancer Institute at AHN

If something concerning comes up on your mammogram, know that AHN cancer specialists lead one of the world’s largest programs focused on breast cancer clinical trials. We’ll work with you to find a personalized, effective treatment plan.


Great news: Annual mammogram screenings are covered by most health plans. However, it must be 12 months since your previous mammogram before you can schedule again. Contact your insurance provider for details.


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