AHN physicians gathered together discussing patient care

Physician Collaboration at AHN

 AHN patients benefit from programs like telestroke services and physician-to-physician consultation, so no matter where you are, you’re getting the best care.

We collaborate, so you get the right treatment

While you may only be seeing one or two providers, you’re benefiting from extensive network use of physician-to-physician telehealth consultations. This means a team is making sure you get the right care, right where you are.

AHN’s collaborative capabilities aid in the diagnosis and care of urgent conditions, such as stroke. We can also provide well interventions — when a doctor examines you even when you’re feeling fine — to prevent the progression of complications in pregnancy and birth, as well as providing support for a wide variety of chronic conditions.

Integrated care at AHN

Telehealth is just part of our overall care model. It plays an important role alongside regular in-person checkups and other health and wellness services.


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