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COVID-19 Response

You’re hearing a lot about this, everywhere. Below you’ll find what we believe are the most important things to know, to do, and to be prepared for. Knowledge really is safety.

Where do I go if I think I may have Coronavirus?

First, don’t panic. Your symptoms could be allergies, common cold, or flu — but it’s best to be sure. You have a few different options for receiving care. If you’re showing symptoms, such as fever and cough, the safest place to be — for you and for everyone else — is in your home.

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Primary Care

Call your doctor’s office or our 24/7 Nurse line first before going to the emergency department or to your physician’s office. In the Pittsburgh or Erie area call (412) NURSE-4-U.

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Video Visits

Video visits are also available 24/7 with MyChart. This is a great way to avoid leaving home when you are ill and still receive medical assistance. Just log in and select Video Visit.

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Emergency & Urgent Care

In case of medical emergency, call 911. That means difficulty breathing or another emergency medical condition. Call the ER so they can prepare for your arrival and limit your exposure to others.

You can also contact one of the following sources with questions; the Allegheny County Health Department at (412) 687-2243, the Erie County Health Department at (814) 451-6700, the Washington County Health Department at (724) 223-4540 or the PA State Department of Health at 1-877-724-3258.

Safety first: Patients only, no visitors

To protect our patients and care teams from the spread of Coronavirus, we will no longer be allowing visitors into AHN facilities. Recognizing some patients need a little extra love to manage — labor and delivery, NICU, pediatric, and end of life care patients are allowed two visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

As of early February, AHN has implemented its Pandemic Response Policy including screening protocols established by CDC and DOH, care protocols, instructional signage for patients, screening questions, and outreach to our pre-hospital care providers.

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Basics and tips

We learn more about COVID-19 every day including how the virus spreads, who’s more susceptible, and how you can avoid catching it.

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Care for other conditions

If you are pregnant or have a chronic condition, you probably have a lot of questions on how COVID-19 affects your ongoing care.

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If you suspect you have it

Discover when you need to quarantine yourself, see a doctor, and get tested. Also learn what happens after you test positive.

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Ways to help

As we take on the many challenges of Coronavirus (COVID-19), AHN is extremely grateful for the outpouring of support from the community.

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What if I’m pregnant?

If you’re concerned about yourself, your pregnancy, or your baby during this time, AHN is here to help keep you safe and healthy.

Connect with MyChart

Plan ahead—make sure you are all set to have a video visit with a medical professional now, so you don’t have to leave the house if you do get sick.

Providers can now see you 24/7

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Can I go directly to an ER? Do I call first?

In case of emergency contact 911. It is recommended to call the ER or Urgent care facility so they can prepare for your arrival. Mild cases of COVID-19 are often treated symptomatically from home or through outpatient services instead of a visit to an acute care facility.

Pittsburgh’s #stayHOMEteam

Even with sports on hold, Pittsburghers still have a team we can all get behind—the #stayHOMEteam. Come together and stay home to support the doctors and nurses, first responders and clinical staff who are fighting against Coronavirus.

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Hear the latest about Coronavirus from the experts

Tune in to the latest episodes of the Confronting COVID-19 podcast featuring AHN experts, produced by Highmark Blue Shield and iHeart Production, and hosted by Bonny Diver of iHeartMedia. Get information on signs and symptoms of Coronavirus, how to help keep you and your family healthy, coping with stress and anxiety, and how to make the most of these long days of social distancing.

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24/7 Nurse Line

Don't worry all night. Talk to an AHN nurse for free, anytime. 

(412) NURSE-4-U
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Video Visits

Get help from home 24/7. Meet with an AHN provider to discuss your symptoms and get the care you need.