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AHN Cancer Institute Second Opinions

If you have advanced-stage, rare, or complex cancer, you have all of our cancer experts to review your medical records and offer a second opinion.

Your AHN Cancer Institute second opinion

When it comes to cancer, we have an all-hands-on-deck approach. So if you have cancer, you have a team of oncology specialists ready to review your medical records and offer you a second opinion. After completing their review, they’ll talk with you about your goals to determine a course of treatment that’s right for you.

To get started, fill out our Second Opinion Request form. Our navigation team will contact you within the next 24-48 hours to discuss next steps and schedule.

Why choose the AHN Cancer Institute?

With AHN Cancer Institute, you have nationally renowned care, led by top experts. We’re home to groundbreaking cancer research and innovation in treatment, with multiple locations throughout the western Pennsylvania region.

AHN Cancer Institute leadership and accreditation

You have a team of leading cancer specialists who can provide the most effective treatments for you or your loved one. We work collaboratively to create the right combination of therapies for each patient, making sure every option is considered.

When you choose the AHN Cancer Institute, you're choosing highly acclaimed cancer care from an entire team of specialists dedicated to excellence and continuous improvement in the way they treat cancer.

Pioneering cancer research

You have emerging treatments that are targeted to meet the needs of each patient’s unique cancer, developed and perfected right here at AHN. We’re on the forefront of cancer care, researching new approaches that can help us detect cancer earlier and eliminate cancer more effectively. 

Innovative cancer-fighting technology

You have some of the most advanced technologies and groundbreaking therapies, giving you the latest in personalized care. Using these emerging therapies allows us to detect cancer earlier, treat it more precisely, and reduce complications and side effects.

Support for your journey

You have comprehensive care that goes beyond your cancer treatment. From pain management, nutrition plans, rehabilitation, and support and survivorship programs, AHN goes the extra mile to provide all the care you need:

  • Cancer Navigation Team: Our team of highly trained nurses, financial advocates, and supportive care professionals helps guide you at every step. They help you understand your treatments, schedule appointments, coordinate continued care, and even help you with the financial burdens people with cancer often face.
  • After Hours Oncology Clinic: Our specialized care clinic treats treatment side effects that often worsen at night, when most practices are closed.
  • Oncology Rehabilitation: Through our rehabilitation program, our specially trained therapists help patients recover normal function and improve their quality of life throughout treatment and recovery.
  • Cancer Survivorship Program: Our specially trained cancer survivorship team can help guide you through life after treatments, focusing on your ongoing recovery including your physical health and emotional well-being.
  • Cancer Help Line: Our expert oncology nurses are available by phone, 24/7, for cancer patients and their loved ones. We can answer any cancer-related questions, offer support, and schedule appointments with AHN oncology teams. 

AHN Cancer Institute Second Opinion Request

Request your second opinion from the cancer experts at the AHN Cancer Institute, regarding a cancer diagnosis, treatment options, or prognosis.