Emergency Medicine Residents are strongly encouraged to become involved in research. 

Research at the Allegheny General Emergency Medicine program is data and analytics driven.

  • We are working on multiple projects involving artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other cutting-edge methodologies to bring innovative products and solutions to the bedside. We leverage the resources of the Allegheny Health Network and our partners to access and analyze large data sets.
  • We have partnered with the LITES network on multiple studies in the prehospital space. LITES is a national network of research institutions that has a series of studies focusing on the initial treatment of trauma. 
    • LITES PACT – Studying prehospital airway management in trauma
    • LITES PAIN – Studying prehospital pain management in trauma
    • LITES CAVALIER – Studying prehospital hypotension management in trauma.
  • We collaborate with our partners at Highmark to create new products and devices. We have begun securing patents and have created a durable, streamlined pathway for future endeavors.