Exercising with Type 1 Diabetes

Get moving and feel great

Combined with diet, exercise is important in helping you manage your diabetes.

Whether you exercise currently or not, exercise need not be hard work. Done effectively, exercise can actually be enjoyable.

Regular outdoor activities like gardening, walking, and riding bikes, or even playing a favorite game such as tennis are all good exercise options. Whatever you do to exercise, it’s important that you start any physical activity slowly and first talk to your doctor or other healthcare professional, especially if you have any diabetes complications that need to be taken into consideration.

Why exercise is important

There are 3 main reasons that people with diabetes should get regular exercise.

  1. Exercise raises the use of glucose by muscles and therefore can lower blood sugar levels.
  2. Regular exercise helps reduce the amount of insulin needed to control blood sugar levels. Exercise improves the body’s natural use of glucose.
  3. Exercise (along with healthy eating) can help you lose weight and is good for your heart.

Aerobic exercise in generally considered to be best; however, the recommendation is to get 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise, five days a week, and two days a week of moderate to high-intensity strength exercises.

For more information on what type of exercise is best for you and how exercise can help you, please consult your primary care doctor or a member of our diabetes care team.

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