Reproductive Genetics

This program offers evaluation and counseling for couples who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy and have a family history of birth defects, genetic disorders, intrauterine exposures, multiple miscarriages, or advanced maternal age. Professionally trained personnel assist individuals, couples, and families to understand genetic conditions or birth defects.

These professionals can also help in finding medical services and community aid for affected individuals and their families. Individuals and/or families who would benefit from genetic counseling include:

  • Parents of a child with a genetic disorder, birth defect or chromosome abnormality
  • Couples who have experienced repeated pregnancy loss
  • Women who have been exposed to medications, drugs, radiation or other environmental agents
  • Individuals with a family history of a birth defect, developmental delay or genetic condition
  • Couples with advanced maternal or paternal age
  • Members of certain ethnic groups at increased risk for genetic disorders (i.e. those of Eastern European Jewish, Italian, Greek, African-American or Caucasian descent) or a couple in which the partners are related to each other
  • Individuals interested in prenatal diagnosis including those with positive screening

The following services are also provided:

  • Amniocentesis (second trimester)
  • Chorionic villus sampling (first trimester)
  • Fetal ultrasound evaluation (basic and targeted)
  • Maternal serum screening and cytogenetic studies
  • DNA analysis
  • Fetal therapy or surgery
  • 1st trimester screening
  • 2nd trimester screening

The AHN Neonatology staff includes an OB/GYN who is board certified in clinical genetics as well as board certified genetic counselors. Five perinatologists (specialists in maternal-fetal medicine) are available for consultation about general genetic issues and can provide guidance when a birth defect has been discovered. The neonatology staff can also address questions about timing and delivery method as well as other neonatal issues.

Contact us

If you are pregnant and have concerns about your unborn baby, call the West Penn Group genetic counselors at: (412) 578-3951.

If you are trying to get pregnant, but have not been successful for a variety of reasons, call the Center for Reproductive Medicine at: (412) 847-1166