AHN dermatologists have the expertise to care for rare and complex skin diseases, as well as common problems such as hair loss, acne, and rashes. Dermatologists can also help you look your best with cosmetic treatments.

Skin and hair conditions

Our dermatologists successfully treat a variety of conditions affecting the skin and hair. Your care would include a detailed evaluation, including a physical exam and questions about your health history. This information helps define the right diagnostic tests and treatments for the best possible results.

The most common conditions treated by dermatologists include:

Skin rashes

A rash is a skin irritation that causes red, itchy, or bumpy skin. A general dermatologist can help many people get relief in a few days with medicated creams. Many can also offer specialized care for severe rashes with symptoms that come and go.

A general dermatologist treats skin rashes due to contact dermatitis as well as:

  • Psoriasis, which causes scaly rashes and dry patches
  • Eczema, which causes patches of red, inflamed skin and blistering


Acne happens when buildups of oil or bacteria block the pores of your skin. Acne causes blemishes, such