Rotator Cuff Surgery

AHN surgeons, nurses, therapists, and support staff team up with patients every step of the way to prepare for surgery and guide you through the recovery process. 

The procedure

Rotator cuff surgery is often a last resort for dealing with shoulder pain. But if rest, compression, and physical therapy don’t provide relief — or if a tear is detected through an ultrasound or MRI — surgery may be necessary.

Rotator cuff surgery has a high success rate for relieving pain and getting you back to performing the activities you’re used to — whether that’s throwing a ball, painting a picture, or even just sleeping on your side. Here’s what to expect the day of surgery:

  • During surgery, your surgeon will repair damage to your shoulder tendons and anchor them back to your arm.
  • Next, your surgeon will check and fix any other structures needed to give you the best chance to fully recover.
  • After surgery, you, your surgeon, and your physical therapist will talk through exactly what was done and make a rehab plan tailored to you and your needs.

Recovery and rehabilitation

The road to recovery from rotator cuff surgery can seem daunting. You’ll be asked to do strengthening exercises with a physical therapist as well as on your own. And you’ll need to protect your injured shoulder, which means altering or avoiding a lot of the day-today activities you may take for granted.

The good news is that, when you’ve finished, you can look forward to doing a lot of the activities that caused you pain before surgery. And you can count on your AHN support team to be there for you the whole time, starting with this comprehensive guide to recovery from rotator cuff surgery, which explores key aspects for successful rehab, like:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Things to do now that will make recovery easier
  • What to expect during physical therapy
  • Step-by-step instructions for performing basic activities you do every day

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