AGH Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programs

Psychology & Health Psychology Fellowships

It is anticipated that there will be 1-3 psychology post-doctoral fellowships offered in any given academic year. These 1-year fellowships are designed for the trainee to obtain clinical hours after all doctoral requirements are completed, including internship and dissertation. These positions were developed to enhance the trainee’s clinical skills, while focusing within one of several areas of specialization that the department has to offer. While the positions vary each year, areas of specialization have included Health Psychology, Trauma, Women's Health, Pediatric Health Psychology, Concussion, Pain Psychology and General Psychology. The work expectations and location of the fellowship vary contingent upon specialization. The post-doctoral fellow will develop a training plan with the Training Director and supervisor(s) that meets the fellows interest, as well as the need within the department and skill set of the supervisor. The Fellowship may include other specialized components, based upon the interests of the fellow. For example, group therapy possibilities, assisting with inpatient services or minoring in a specialized clinic are some possibilities that may exist. The trainee will receive 2 hours of direct supervision as well as ½ hour supervision weekly from the Training Director and be expected to participate in 2 hours of education each week, in order to meet PA state licensing requirements.

Neuropsychology, AABN certified fellowship

For advanced interns who complete a 6-month major rotation in neuropsychology and are pursuing a career in clinical neuropsychology, the next step after internship is to complete a 2-year post-doctoral fellowship in Neuropsychology in order to meet APA Div. 40 Houston Guidelines. Advanced interns have two options for pursuing a neuropsychology fellowship: apply to the AGH Neuropsychology Post-doctoral Fellowship or applying to fellowship programs offered by other training sites. The AGH fellowship is led under the direction of Glen Getz, Ph.D., ABN who is board-certified by the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology. The fellowship also has the distinction of being accredited by The Academy of the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology (AABN), which certifies that the fellowship training meets ABN board-certification standards and ensures that fellows receive high-quality, industry-standard education in clinical neuropsychology. The AGH fellowship has historically encouraged outstanding AGH interns to apply for an internal fellowship position, which allows for continuity of training at a Level 1 trauma hospital, thus preparing the fellow for a career in a multidisciplinary health setting. Internal applicants who have demonstrated excellent clinical work, leadership within the internship, and collegiality are given strong consideration during the application process. AGH interns who have completed the advanced training track have also had excellent success applying for post-doc fellowships at other institutions across the country. 

Contact information

Glen Getz, PhD, ABN
Director of Post-Doctoral Training