Staff Resources for Jefferson Hospital

This area contains information and resources for Jefferson Hospital physicians. If you have any questions, please call the Medical Staff office at (412) 469-5100

How to update your Find a Doctor directory listing

Physicians who would like make changes to his or her "Find a Doctor" directory listing on this web site can do so by contacting the Medical Staff Office by phone or fax. To make changes by fax:

  • Print your Directory Listing page.
  • Clearly mark your changes.
  • Fax changes to (412) 469-7294. Include a cover sheet and/or stamp from the physician's office. Include a contact name and number that we can call for clarifications.

Credentialing information

Credentialing is the process of obtaining information, verifying the information, and evaluating applicants who want to obtain or renew medical staff membership and obtain, renew, or revise their clinical privileges.

On an ongoing basis, physicians must update expired credentials. The following updates are required and should be forwarded to the Medical Staff Office:

  • Medical License
  • DEA
  • Malpractice Coverage
  • Board Certification Expiration and Renewal
  • Basic Life Support or Advanced Life Support (if applicable)
  • Annual PPD Test

    You may contact the Medical Staff Office with questions by calling (412) 469-5100.

Behan Health Science Library at Jefferson Hospital

The Behan Health Science Library is intended for use by the medical staff, employees, and affiliated students of Jefferson Hospital. The library supports Jefferson's mission and vision by optimizing access to current healthcare information and facilitating the delivery of enlightened health care to our patients.

Library location and contact information

The Library is located on the second floor of Jefferson Hospital. Contact the Medical Staff office for Access.

Sources and services

The library features a permanent collection of reference books and journals. The following services are available to assist users in their research:

  • Interlibrary Loan. The library can obtain reference sources through the National Network of Medical Libraries. Photocopies are provided.
  • Internet Service. Information searches of Internet resources are available upon request.
  • Photocopy and Fax Services. Copies of materials are provided upon request. Borrowing original references is discouraged.
  • Table of Contents Service. The contents pages of selected journals can be photocopied upon request.
  • Medical Journals


Benefits of an on-site library

According to a survey of physicians conducted by the Medical Library Association of America:

  • 99 percent said that the information obtained from the library had clinical value and enabled them to make better-informed decisions.
  • 96 percent said the information provided new knowledge.
  • 95 percent felt that the information enabled them to provide a higher quality of medical care for their patients.

In addition, there are precedents for malpractice suits when literature searches were not obtained to guide physicians in diagnosing and treating their patients.

Online pathfinders

As a part of the Chronic Pain Information Service at Jefferson Hospital, the Behan Health Science Library has made available a collection of library pathfinders to serve the reader in locating information and reference materials for specific pain management topics.