Perinatal Hope: A Pregnancy and Substance Use Disorder Program  

Whether you're taking the first steps toward your recovery or are in need of extra support during your pregnancy, AHN's Perinatal Hope Program is here to help.  We provide a safe space for pregnant and postpartum women with substance use disorder to get the care they need.

Reach out to the Perinatal Hope Program today by calling (412) 578-5575. You can also request a call from us and someone will reach out to you soon. 

About the Perinatal Hope Program

Know this — we’re here to help, not to judge. Wherever you are in your recovery, the Perinatal Hope Program can give you the support you need to care for yourself and your baby.

Here’s all that the program offers:

  • All-in-one appointments: You'll receive regular prenatal appointments during your pregnancy and postpartum visits after delivery.  Your appointments with us can occur in the same