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Diseases of the esophagus and chest affect millions of Americans. Over 200,000 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer and an additional 18,000 with esophageal cancer this year. Most notably, cancers of the esophagus and lungs have some of the highest mortality rates.

Despite the chilling statistics, the team at the Esophageal Institute uses a multi-disciplinary approach to treating patients. Research efforts at the Institute are diverse and include understanding and managing esophageal disease progression with special emphasis on esophageal cancer, providing novel treatment approaches to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and achalasia, and various studies focusing on the detection and treatment of lung cancer.

The Esophageal Institute research team conducts a full spectrum of research initiatives including basic science, translational, and clinical trials to develop a greater understanding of disease progression, prevention, and possible treatments. Through various internally and industry sponsored clinical trials, patients are provided with opportunities to enroll in the newest and most promising approaches to treatment.

Additionally, two tissue banking efforts are underway to provide current patients with an opportunity to lay the groundwork for future discovery.

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Blair Jobe, MD, FACS, Director of ELI
Ali Zaidi, MD, Research Director
Meredith Schwarz, MSN, RN, Manager, Clinical Research
Emily J. Lloyd, CCRC, Clinical Research Manager – Benign/Tissue Banking

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