A doctor with a stethoscope around her neck is smiling as she begins her residency with AHN.

Fellowships and Residencies

The Graduate Medical Education program at Allegheny Health Network (AHN) offers fellowships and residencies to prepare you for your future in the medical field.

We shape the future of medicine

We train great physicians who go on to remarkable careers — here at Allegheny Health Network and across the country. Our trainees are recognized for their clinical and academic abilities, and most of all, by their engagement and individual passion.

Welcome to AHN

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Graduate Medical Education at Allegheny Health Network. - James B. Reilly, AHN Graduate Medical Education Committee Chairman

Outstanding opportunities in western PA

The Pittsburgh and Erie regions of Pennsylvania offer a wide variety of educational settings – as well as low-cost living with access to an array of recreational activities, amenities, and cultural and entertainment events.

Graduate Medical Education at AHN

AHN fellows and residents learn experience hands-learning from leaders in their field - as well as the latest technologies and techniques.
  • An illustration of state-of-the-art hospital building.

    State-of-the-art facilities

    Our hospitals and outpatient surgery centers provide the latest technologies for delivering high-quality care and surgical excellence.

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    Hands-on learning approach

    Residents and fellows get a feel for working within a robust health system where they can look forward to playing an integral role.

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    Long history of excellence

    The teaching hospitals of AHN, along with their faculties, have a longstanding commitment to advancing medicine and educating future physicians.

A doctor shaking hands with a prospective AHN resident.

Stipends and benefits

In addition to their stipend, residents and fellows enjoy access to a wide array of benefits, including health care, paid time off, perks and more.

Additional educational and professional development

Education is integral to our mission. We’re committed to offering our physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals the best educational opportunities and training resources available.