Why volunteer?

When you choose to offer your time and talents to a hospital or care facility, you have a positive impact on people throughout your community and the health care providers who give them care. 

And, when you volunteer at an AHN facility, you’ll be able make a noticeable impact, further develop your talents and skills, and even make long-lasting friendships and connections. 

Due to COVID-19, many of the programs below have been limited on-site, while others have been created or transitioned to virtual. Apply today to learn how you can volunteer on-site or from your home. Positions affected by COVID-19 will become available again as we transition out of the pandemic.

Who can volunteer?

AHN welcomes people from all walks of life as they contribute according to their abilities. This includes:

  • High school students (through certain junior volunteer programs).
  • College students who need to meet service goals.
  • Adults who are available on weekends or during time off.
  • Retirees.

Benefits of volunteering

The benefits of volunteering at a hospital or health care facility are nearly limitless. Because when you volunteer, you help patients undergoing treatment, you help loved ones and visitors during times of stress, you support a staff of professionals dedicated to providing care, and, last but not least, you help yourself by sharpening skills, learning about care, and developing meaningful relationships.

See how members of the 2,000-plus volunteer team at AHN have given back to their communities. 

Volunteer testimonials

Pet Therapy volunteers, 2 years

“I have loved most aspects of my nursing career at Allegheny General Hospital starting in 1977. I've been able to explore different opportunities in patient care. As the inevitable time for retirement drew closer, the thought of working with a pet therapy dog was alluring. We brought Hamish, a golden retriever, home in 2015, planning to train and certify him as a therapy dog. After achieving certification as a therapy team in 2018, it only seemed natural that he and I should start our volunteer career at AGH.”

Surgical Reception and Information Desk volunteer, 11 years

Rosemary volunteers in surgical reception, information desk, and as an AVH Auxiliary member.

“My heart and soul are fulfilled by volunteering at AVH.”

Screening Desk volunteer, 1 year

“Being a Front Desk Screener at Canonsburg Hospital is a really cool experience! It’s great for improving your professional social skills. In addition to the great learning experience, everyone in the hospital is very friendly. I highly recommend volunteering at Canonsburg Hospital.”

Breast Center volunteer, 2 years

“Volunteering at Forbes has been most fulfilling. It's a good feeling knowing you're paying it forward in some small way with the added bonus of gaining new friends.”

Escort volunteer, 15 years

"I’ve been a volunteer at AHN Grove City for about 15 years. It’s given me a welcome opportunity to make a small contribution to helping others in my town in a significant way. At the same time, I’ve made many friends, some of whom have become like family. My weekly commitment is something I look forward to each
time with pleasure and satisfaction."

Hospital Elder Life Program volunteer and extern, 2 years

"One of my favorite experiences I’ve had with a patient through this program occurred during my evening shift. I decided to ask (the patient) about music. She said that she had a very vivid memory of a song her mom used to sing to her when she was younger, but that she couldn’t remember the name.” Julia was able to find the song to play for the patient. “As the chorus came, the lyrics all came flooding back to her, she began to sing along as a tear fell from her eye … This experience was truly one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever had.”

Spiritual Care volunteer, 5 years

"Spiritual Care is important to every person who becomes a patient at Jefferson Hospital, bringing comfort through prayer and meditation — and strength. I have become a better person since volunteering at the hospital. I am able to share my faith, my love for the Eucharist, and my love for my sisters and brothers under God’s love. I can guarantee that every minister in the Spiritual Care Department has a story — even a novel — to share. One that may bring laughter, one that may bring tears. I know I do."

Wayfinder and oncology rounder volunteer, 1 year

"When I started volunteering at the Wexford Health and Wellness Pavilion, I was eager to help others. My first role as a wayfinder allowed me to start off a patient’s experience on a positive note.” During her time, Jazmyn also had the opportunity to volunteer as an oncology rounder. “It too was an amazing opportunity
to meet new people and provide comfort to patients dealing with difficult
diagnoses. I have been personally touched by the stories and aspirations. Each
person’s story will stay with me forever.”

Hospitality escort volunteer, 7 years

“I retired at 62 due to a condition which prevented me from continuing to work in the construction field. I wanted to give back to the community, so I started reading in the paper about different opportunities to volunteer. Saint Vincent was the first place that I checked out and, after meeting the staff and other volunteers, I’ve never left.”

Baby cuddler volunteers, 3 years

“It was eight years ago; our fourth grandchild was born at West Penn Hospital. Needless to say, he arrived early … surprise! He spent time in the NICU. They took such good care of him and made our daughter’s life easier. We visited him every day. We said at that time, when we retired, we would give back.” Michael and Jean are the first husband and wife volunteer team at West Penn.

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