AHN patient face to face with her oncology expert that helped answer her cancer related questions when she called the Cancer Help Line.

Cancer Help Line

Whether you’re facing a cancer diagnosis, going through treatment, or caring for someone with cancer, call the 24/7 AHN Cancer Help Line for FREE guidance and support.

(412) NURSE-4-U

Common Questions about the AHN Cancer Help Line

How the AHN Cancer Help Line provides support

When you call (412) 687-7348, you’ll be connected to an expert oncology nurse who can answer any cancer-related questions, offer support, and schedule appointments with AHN oncology care teams. Our nurses
have years of experience helping cancer patients and their caregivers, and they’re up to date on the latest cancer research, treatments, and clinical trials.

The AHN Cancer Help Line is free for everyone — you don’t need to be a current AHN patient — and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

If you have received a cancer diagnosis, are going through treatment, or are a cancer survivor, the on-call nurse can: 

  • Talk to you about your cancer diagnosis or any test results.
  • Walk you through your treatment options.
  • Help you understand side effects and get an understanding of when to call your doctor.
  • Schedule cancer-related appointments with AHN care teams.
  • Provide mental and emotional cancer support — connecting you to support groups and other. resources, like financial help.
  • Offer diet and exercise suggestions.

If you’re a close friend or family member supporting a person with cancer, the on-call nurse can:     

  • Suggest ways to best support your loved one going through treatment.   
  • Help you understand types of cancer, a specific diagnosis, treatment options, or side effects.   
  • Provide mental and emotional support — connecting you to support groups and other caregiver resources.

How to use the AHN Cancer Help Line

Here’s how to get in touch with an expert nurse oncologist, any time you need it:

  1. Call (412) 687-7348 to reach the AHN Caner Help Line.
  2. Listen carefully to the prompts.
  3. Explain your cancer-related symptoms or circumstances and the on-call nurse will direct
    you to oncology. 

Questions about the help line? We’re happy to help. 

Review these helpful FAQs, and remember, you can always get in touch with us at (412) 687-7348.

Will the AHN Cancer Help Line try to direct me to another doctor?

No. We’re simply here to answer questions and provide support. If you are looking for a new doctor or
treatment options, our nurses are happy to assist you. They can also schedule appointments with AHN care teams. 

Does it matter who my insurance provider is to use the help line? 

No. Anyone can use the AHN Cancer Help Line, regardless of your insurance carrier or if you’re a current

I have an AHN doctor, can the oncology nurse see my records?

Yes. If you’re an AHN patient, the on-call nurse can pull your medical records in order to provide the best possible care. Your call to the help line will also be recorded so that your doctor knows you had a concern. 

I’m experiencing side effects, what should I do?

AHN offers the After Hours Clinic is open at West Penn Hospital, Monday through Friday from 3:00
PM – 8:00 PM. You must be an AHN patient to use the clinic. Call (412) 770-3070
to reach the team there.

If you’re experiencing life-threatening symptoms, like chest pain or shortness of breath, call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room immediately. 

An illustration of a woman sitting on a bench outside with a structure behind her looking at MyChart on her phone.

Track your care on MyChart

Use MyChart to message your doctor, request appointments, view test results, request prescription renewals, pay medical bills, and more.

The AHN Cancer Help Line does not replace a physician’s care, and callers will be referred back to their oncologist whenever appropriate. AHN Cancer Help Line nurses do not make diagnoses or deliver prognoses. For current AHN patients, this service is provided in addition to the AHN Cancer Institute Navigation Program.


The clinic is open only to patients being treated for cancer at Allegheny Health Network.