The medical instrument Medtronic O-arm® that guides the tools and implants according to the surgical plan.


AHN is devoted to exploring, developing, and supporting innovations so that you have access to remarkable care, close to home. These robotic advancements, cutting-edge treatment plans, and breakthrough therapies are changing how we deliver care to give you the best possible outcomes. 


Delivering innovative care, always.

Your time is valuable. With more than 50 hospital and care locations, we make it easy for you to get high-level individualized care, right where you live and work.

View of a leg in a brace at home on a couch

When you need a faster recovery

We see you. After a surgery, you’re counting down the days until you can get back on your feet. With our minimally invasive surgical options, you can expect smaller scars and faster recovery times.  See our story on YouTube and how we take care of you.

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