Why Choose Us for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment?

At Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute, you are the center of everything we do. Each week, we discuss our patients at a roundtable with an array of top experts. This high level of collaboration allows us to develop a personalized therapy plan for each patient. We are with you every step of the way, from your initial evaluation through treatment and recovery.

Pancreatic cancer: our approach to care

At the Cancer Institute, we collaborate to determine the right treatment plan for you. Our physicians, surgeons, oncologists, and researchers are paving the way for new and innovative pancreatic cancer treatments to help you continue to lead a full life. We offer:

  • Advanced technology: We use groundbreaking and innovative treatment techniques, like the NanoKnife®*, which delivers pulses of electrical currents into cancer cells, puncturing and destroying them. The Cancer Institute is the only health network in the region to offer this treatment.
  • Collaborative team: Our tumor board reviews all patients with pancreatic cancer every week. This board includes gastroenterologists, surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, and researchers. They evaluate every aspect of the cancer to help you get the best results.
  • Compassionate care: A Navigation Team helps you manage the big (or little) details of treatment, from arranging appointments to coordinating transportation or answering questions about treatment options. And our robust support services, including support groups, palliative care, and cancer genetics, provide care for the whole person.
  • Research-driven treatment: We offer several clinical trials. As soon as a new treatment is available, we can offer it to our patients.
  • A convenient, after hours cancer clinic: AHN opened the first After Hours Oncology Clinic in western Pennsylvania for patients with cancer. If you are experiencing side effects from treatment, call your physician’s office first, then visit our clinic, conveniently located at West Penn Hospital. We treat you quickly without exposing your compromised immune system to the germs you may encounter at a traditional emergency room. Plus, our clinic is more affordable than a visit to the ER. And since our oncology specialists have access to your records, they may even be able to advise you over the phone and save you from making a trip.

Pancreatic cancer: diagnosis and treatment

Our team specializes in diagnosing and treating pancreatic cancer quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Learn more about pancreatic cancer diagnosis.Our highly skilled specialists work together to determine the best course of treatment for you. Find out more about our approach to pancreatic cancer treatment.

Contact us

Call the AHN Cancer Help Line anytime at (412) NURSE-4-U (412) 687-7348 to schedule a cancer-related appointment or to just talk with our nurses about diagnoses, treatments, and side effects.


NanoKnife is as registered trademark of Rising Tide.