A student athlete superimposed over several versions of herself playing basketball and training.

Sports Medicine

Whether you’re supporting a youth athlete or you’re an athlete yourself, our sports medicine and performance services help keep you on top of your game.


Go next level

We treat athletes and active adults at every level with programs focused on sport-specific training, enhancing performance, and treating injury. All so you can stay in the game.  

We keep you moving

Whether you have a physically demanding job, play competitive sports, or live a busy lifestyle, we help you keep pace with the activities that matter most.
  • A physical therapist helping a patient with shoulder injury.

    Sports physical therapy

    Get care from certified physical therapists in world-class facilities. Our proven programs are designed to get you off the sidelines and back on the field.

  • A sports trainer facing the football field and away from the camera.

    Athletic trainer services

    Our athletic trainers serve scholastic and professional teams throughout western PA. See how our trainers care for athletes on and off the field. 

  • A young woman lifting a barbell above her head.

    Sports performance

    AHN sports performance experts can help you realize your full athletic potential through proven sport-specific programs delivered at state-of-the-art facilities.  

Two female student athletes playing soccer.

Keeping your kid in the game

We treat athletes at every level, from students to hobbyists to pros. We’ll help your child reduce the risk of future injuries and make a safe return to the field. Learn more about our therapy, rehab, training, and performance services.

An AHN trainer running a student athlete through mobility drills.

AHN sports medicine specialists

Our sports medicine surgeons, physicians, trainers, and therapists are specially trained to care for athletes — from high school to the pros. Whether you’re looking to improve your performance, or get back in the game, AHN specialists can help.  

Concussion Center

Our concussion care starts before you need it. We establish baseline data with our athletes, so we can provide immediate, effective care when concussions occur. 

A football player facing away from the camera.

Getting Evan back on the field.

Evan was diagnosed with a rare condition called osteonecrosis, which stopped blood from circulating to his knee. After his procedure, Evan is back with his teammates running plays and preparing for Friday night games.

Featured sports medicine services

From getting sidelined to crossing the finish line, we’ve got you covered. See how athletes of all ability levels get the care they need from AHN. 
  • Sports Physical therapy

    At AHN, we help athletes and active people bounce back from serious sports injuries, including torn ligaments. See how we can help get you back in the game.

  • Sports recovery

    AHN sports recovery services shorten muscle recovery time while reducing the risk of injury, so you can stay on target with your training goals.

  • Strength training

    From running miles to running errands, AHN strength training services help your body keep pace with the demands of sports and life.

  • Sports medicine primary care

    We successfully treat common and complex sports injuries. From high school teams to the pros, we help people achieve lasting relief with nonsurgical treatments.

  • Concussion center

    If you experience a concussion (which is a mild brain injury), our sports medicine physicians and neurologists offer the full range of treatments.

An AHN trainer working with a student athlete on an anti-gravity treadmill.

State-of-the-art equipment

AHN is the only program in western Pennsylvania offering the latest physical therapy technologies under one roof, including:

  • AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill™
  • Dynavision D2™ Board
  • Makoto Functional Movement Arena

Are you a health care professional?

We offer care in every medical specialty, providing the finest treatments and technologies and continually researching new ways to prevent, detect, and treat disease.