Our program offers excellent facilities for the resident to pursue clinically relevant research or in-depth study within a specific discipline of interest.

The Resident Research Rotation is considered a part of the OMFS Service as the resident works closely with the OMFS Teaching Faculty and Director of Research and utilizes the resources available in the program. A research project that leads to either an accepted abstract or publication is required for graduation from the program.

Residents are responsible for ongoing research throughout their residency training.

By the end of the program, the resident should have completed an investigative report in one of the following forms:

investigation in laboratories or clinic, comprehensive summaries of scientific literature, preparation of statistical analysis based on secondary data analysis, care report, or new techniques.

The planning and completion of an investigative project enhances the value of an oral and maxillofacial surgery training program. The application of research methods and the evaluation of investigative data develop intellectual growth, a creative attitude, and better interpretation of scientific literature.