AHN Heart Valve Clinic

If you have heart valve disease, minimally invasive valve replacement surgery and other interventions can improve heart function and greatly reduce your risk of heart failure. We offer dedicated care at the AHN Heart Valve Clinic.

Heart valve replacement surgery and interventions

AHN interventional cardiology specialists can recommend a variety of treatments for heart valve disease, depending on how severe the condition is. These may include careful monitoring, medication, interventions or heart valve repair, or replacement surgery. Some minor cases with no symptoms may not require any treatment.

In severe cases, your interventional cardiology specialist may recommend surgery to either repair or replace the faulty valve. In general, heart valve repair will be the preferred option for patients with minor damage. Heart valve repair surgery can help:

  • Patch holes in a heart valve.
  • Remove excess tissue.
  • Separate valve leaflets that are fused together.
  • Restructure the mitral valve.
  • Reconnect valve leaflets.

If the heart valve is too damaged and can’t be easily repaired, replacement surgery may be your next best option. Aortic valve replacement may be done using minimally invasive surgical methods that either partially or completely avoid dividing the breastbone. Catheter techniques for replacing valves such as transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) — also referred to as transcatheter aortic valve implantation — involves placing an expandable replacement valve in the heart by way of a catheter in the leg or chest.

During mitral valve replacement surgery, your heart surgeon can replace the mitral valve with an artificial valve by performing open-heart surgery, minimally invasive heart surgery, or a transcatheter procedure, also known as valve-in-valve procedure.

About the AHN heart valve clinic

Heart and interventional cardiologist specialists at the AHN Cardiovascular Institute are experts at treating heart valve disease. From minimally invasive transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) to the use of MitraClip® for leaky heart valves, these treatments can improve heart function and reduce your risk of heart failure.

If you need heart valve surgery, you can receive pre-surgical and follow-up care at our main heart clinic located within the AHN Cardiovascular Institute at:

Allegheny General Hospital
320 East North Avenue
South Tower, First Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15212



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