Safety First. Always.

With heightened cleaning practices, and COVID-19 vaccine requirements for our staff, we’re taking extra care to slow the spread of Coronavirus and keep our facilities safe.

New challenges. Same dedication.

With each new variant, Coronavirus continues to pose a serious threat to our health and well-being. That’s why we’re committed to strict safety and cleaning policies in our facilities and vocal in our support of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“As a health network, we are confident in the science behind the COVID-19 vaccine and recognize that vaccination is the only way to truly protect our communities. To keep our facilities as safe as possible, we’re requiring all staff members to receive their COVID-19 vaccines and encouraging all eligible patients to do the same. Get your shot and stay safe against Coronavirus.”

    — Dr. Donald Whiting, Chief Medical Officer and Allegheny Clinic President

Don't put off the care you need.

With an emphasis on safety and disinfecting, AHN continues to provide the medical services our communities rely on us for. You can come to our facilities and get the care you need, knowing that we're taking every precaution to get you seen quickly and safely. Here are just a few of the updated practices we're using to ensure your safety when you get care from AHN.

Network wide vaccinations

As a health network, AHN sees the undeniable value in the COVID-19 vaccine and has made COVID-19 vaccination a requirement for our staff — barring a religious or medical exemption. This vaccine is our best form of protection against Coronavirus and will help keep our facilities safe. We encourage all patients to receive a shot or booster when eligible.


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Expedited check-in

With quick and easy registration from your car once you arrive, there's less time in the waiting room. Plus, prescreening can be done in advance online or over the phone.

Designated COVID-19 areas

We continue to isolate COVID-19 patients from others, taking every precaution necessary to keep our hospitals safe.


Health care workers separating chairs in a waiting room to have more space in-between them.

Less crowded waiting rooms

By removing extra chairs and staggering appointment times, fewer patients arrive at once and everyone can be sure to stay six feet apart.

Visual distancing markers

We've put reminders up so you know where to wait or stand to make sure you're practicing proper social distancing with other patients.

Spaced appointment scheduling

By staggering appointments, there's time to deep-clean and air out exam rooms after each and every patient.


A medical professional cleaning an exam room.

Around-the-clock disinfecting

We've ramped up the frequency of cleaning in all areas, especially in places where we treat patients. And we always use hospital-grade disinfecting supplies.

Plexiglass barriers

In reception areas and places where close contact still needs to happen, clear plexiglass partitions have been strategically placed for added protection.

We're here for your health.

As Coronavirus concerns continue, we want you to feel comfortable keeping your appointments, visiting specialists, and coming to the hospital if you have an emergency. As always, early detection and treatment lets us provide you with the most effective care. Don't put off seeing us when you need us.

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