Colorectal Surgery and Care

Bowel problems such as constipation and abdominal pain can disrupt your daily life. At Allegheny Health Network (AHN), we’re here to help. Our colorectal surgeons are trained to care for common and complex conditions affecting the colon and rectum.

Our surgeons use the latest tests and therapies to successfully treat hundreds of people with hemorrhoids, rectal cancer, and other bowel conditions every year. Request an appointment at a location near you.

Colorectal surgery at AHN: Why choose us?

Our surgeons are all board-certified by the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery — the highest level of colorectal surgical training.

Other highlights of our colorectal surgery program include:

  • Extensive colorectal training: After our colorectal surgeons became general surgeons, they went through an intensive program focused on diagnosing and treating colon and rectum diseases. Their completion of this program shows their exceptional expertise in caring for complex diseases, such as rectal cancer.
  • Surgical expertise: Our surgeons skillfully use robotics technology and sophisticated surgical techniques to perform colorectal procedures. For example, our transanal approach to rectal surgery successfully treats rectal cancer in a less-invasive way. It also preserves key rectal function, so patients may not need a colostomy to rid their body of waste after surgery.
  • Robotics training: Our colorectal surgeons are among the most experienced in the U.S. at treating certain gastrointestinal diseases using sophisticated robotics technology. These innovations help make procedures safer and more effective.
  • Team mindset: Our colorectal surgeons work alongside AHN’s large network of skilled physicians, from gastroenterologists to cancer specialists. When you have more than one specialist on your care team, you’re able to get more complete care for complex problems.
  • Advanced technology: We use sophisticated equipment, such as endorectal ultrasound and high-resolution anoscopy, that aren’t widely available in the area. This technology paired with our specialists’ expertise helps us diagnose disease in earlier stages when it’s more treatable.
  • Convenience: You can undergo many diagnostic tests and minor procedures, such as hemorrhoid banding (a less-invasive hemorrhoid treatment), in our outpatient offices. We offer this service so you can receive the care you need and then rest at home just hours later.
  • Robust research program: Our physicians are dedicated to finding a cure for difficult-to-treat colorectal diseases. We collaborate with Johns Hopkins Medicine and other nationally known research teams to explore promising, new cancer treatments through national clinical trials. As our patient, you may be able to participate in one of these studies.

Comprehensive colorectal cancer screening and treatment

We provide a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care. Our colorectal surgeons work with other specialists to accurately diagnose and successfully treat colon, anal, and rectal cancer.

Our colorectal cancer screening services

Cancer screening can save lives by detecting — and sometimes even preventing — cancer. We offer advanced colorectal cancer screening services, including:

  • Colon cancer screening: We provide comprehensive colonoscopy services to diagnose and prevent colon cancer at many locations throughout the tri-state area. Learn more about colonoscopy.
  • Anal cancer screening: We use a specialized screening test called high-resolution anoscopy to detect anal cancer at early stages — when treatment is most effective. Find out more about anal cancer screening (high-resolution anoscopy).

Your colonoscopy can't wait

Early detection is the key to preventing — and beating — colorectal cancer, the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S.

Our Rectal Cancer Center of Excellence

AHN is the first health system in the region to be designated as a Rectal Cancer Center of Excellence by the Commission on Cancer. Our colorectal surgeons are treating colorectal cancers in promising, new ways. They work alongside our multidisciplinary cancer specialists to provide every patient their best chance at a successful end result.

Learn more about our Cancer Institute.

Conditions we treat with colon and rectal surgery 

We diagnose and treat a broad range of benign (noncancerous) and malignant (cancerous) conditions that affect the colon, rectum, anus, and small intestine. We often work closely with different specialists, such as gastroenterologists (physicians who focus on digestive health concerns) and cancer specialists. This approach helps us address every way a condition may affect your health.

Surgery can effectively treat many types of colon and rectal problems. Conditions we treat with surgery include:

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