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Healthcare is coming home with one-call, one-stop, home-based care for your loved ones.

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Health For All

We didn’t take an oath to only care for some of the people, we’re here to help them all. Count on Allegheny Health Network to always deliver the absolute best care, every day. 

Our expansive team of physicians and specialists is dedicated to tackling the diseases and medical conditions that confront us today so that we may find a cure for tomorrow. We share our expertise in every medical specialty with you. Infuse innovation and creativity into our treatment approaches. Discover better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. And uphold the spirit of why we practice medicine – for you, for life.  

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Health for Emily

Success over stage 3 breast cancer means celebrating more tomorrows for Emily and her daughter.

Health for Teke

A donated heart gives Kent Tekulve another big save.

Health for Megan

Megan wouldn't let a traumatic crash keep her from competing as a triathlete - neither would we.

Health for Rick

When tremors threatened to take away Rick's passion, deep brain stimulation was used to get him back into the swing.