Flu season’s back. Time to get your flu shot.

Schedule your flu vaccine now to keep yourself healthy — and keep from spreading the flu to your loved ones.

You can get a flu shot and COVID-19 vaccine together

The CDC says it’s safe to get both at the same time. Head to your local pharmacy or clinic to stay up to date on your vaccines today.

A medical professional smiling while looking off camera and holding her glasses

Your AHN doctor has vaccines.

To book your vaccine appointment with your primary care physician (PCP):  Log in to MyChart > Select Appointments and Past Visits > then Schedule an Appointment >  Select the flu vaccine to schedule. To request both vaccines in the same visit, call your PCP office before your scheduled visit to let them know.

Need a doctor? Want to make a MyChart account?

We’ve got you covered. We can help you find a great doctor close by, make an appointment, and manage everything about your health online.