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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

You’re Never In This Fight Alone.

Breast Cancer Care at Allegheny Health Network

Breast Cancer Doctor

Breast cancer. These two words can be devastating for any woman to hear. Most often there’s shock, fear, anger, and lots of questions.

At the Cancer Institute at Allegheny Health Network we can give you the answers. And we’ll also help give you the strength to manage all of your other emotions, including your health and wellness, with high-quality, personalized care that’s among the best in western Pennsylvania.

Our doctors and clinicians use some of the most innovative treatment approaches to fight your cancer, working to provide care that’s as minimally invasive to your body as possible, while saving as much breast tissue as we possibly can.

Through our work with the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP), with its world headquarters located at Allegheny General Hospital (AGH), our doctors have contributed to significant protocol and practice changes in treatment, including breast conservation through lumpectomy instead of radical mastectomy. Doctors at AGH have also used neoadjuvant chemotherapy to reduce tumors, and preventative procedures with chemotherapy drugs to reduce the occurrence of invasive breast cancer. These changes have not only improved our patient’s survival rate they’ve also greatly added to their quality of life.

Coordinating this personalized treatment plan for you is part of our process. We also work with you to support your challenges; mental, emotional and physical – listening to your concerns, answering your questions, and working to improve your total well-being. 

Because we’re in this fight together – you and your highly skilled, cancer-care team. And where two who are battle tested come together, they’re always stronger.

Click on the links below to learn more about how Allegheny Health Network diagnoses and treats Breast cancer. Throughout your treatment, your 24/7 Care Navigator can assist you and provide support should you have any questions or concerns.

Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Treating Breast Cancer