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Pancreatic Cancer

Outsmarting Cancer One Patient at A Time.

Pancreatic Cancer Care at Allegheny Health Network

Pancreatic cancer affects the main organ in the body – the pancreas - that’s responsible for helping to digest food. And while rare – it accounts for only 3% of all cancers and affects about 53,000 men and women age 40 and older each year – pancreatic cancer is also deadly for nearly 41,000 of those diagnosed.

But there’s hope. In fact, doctors at the Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute are successfully outsmarting pancreatic cancer with some of the most innovative clinical trials and treatments, including Nanoknife Irreversible Electroporation (IRE). We’re also the only health system in the Pittsburgh region to currently offer this non-invasive surgical procedure.

While a diagnosis of cancer can be frightening, our patients can feel rest assured knowing that they receive care from some of the most experienced doctors who know how best to treat your cancer, while also minimizing the effects to the rest of your body and maximizing your optimal health.

We understand that by working together, we have the best chance of outsmarting and beating your cancer.

To better coordinate your personalized treatment plan, our cancer care team, along with your 24/7 Care Navigator, will help support your challenges, help you better manage your emotions, and listen to your concerns to help strengthen your overall well-being.

Click on the links below to learn more about how we diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer at the Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute.

Diagnosing Pancreatic Cancer

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