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Creating a legacy of caring – Huffington Heart Failure Fund

Despite her busy schedule as a corporate professional, Linda Huffington always found time to take care of herself, making healthy eating and exercising priority. But after retirement in 1998, Linda began experiencing some alarming health problems, including shortness of breath and difficulty walking up and down stairs.

Linda was understandably concerned. She has a family history of cardiac problems and her father had died at age 61 from coronary occlusion. Linda sought treatment at the Allegheny General Hospital McGinnis Cardiovascular Institute and was promptly diagnosed with stage II congestive heart failure (CHF) and pulmonary hypertension.

Over the years, Linda’s knowledge of the innovative research of cardiovascular care within Allegheny Health Network grew and she realized she too wanted to find a way to help patients suffering from cardiac diseases.

That’s why Linda made the decision to include Allegheny Health Network in her will. Linda’s support and generosity provided for the creation of the Linda A. Huffington Heart Failure Fund for Cardiovascular Care at the Allegheny General Hospital McGinnis Cardiovascular Institute.

Because of Linda and the Linda A. Huffington Heart Failure Fund, future generations of physicians will be able to provide their patients with continued compassionate care, break-through treatments and innovative research. “My confidence in these capable physicians and Allegheny Health Network is well placed,” says Linda. “I am so glad to know that part of my legacy will be helping the Allegheny General Hospital McGinnis Cardiovascular Institute continue to prosper and help so many others.”

Expanded services – thanks to the Hess Roth Kaminsky Fund

After years of kidney issues, nine emergency room trips and a variety of procedures, Michael Bean finally received some answers.

“I went in to have a blockage removed,” Michael said, “but that procedure proved to be lifesaving.”

At a follow up appointment, Dr. Peter Lund of Allied Urology at Saint Vincent Hospital informed Michael that a biopsy had revealed bladder cancer.

While the diagnosis was devastating, Dr. Lund was able to remove it all. Today, Michael still makes routine trips to Allied Urology at Saint Vincent Hospital.

“I won’t go anywhere else for my care,” Michael said. “Dr. Lund isn’t just a doctor, he’s now a friend.”

Michael, along with thousands of patients, will be excited to learn that the urology practice at Saint Vincent Hospital will be seeing an expansion of urological services thanks to a generous contribution from the Hess Roth Kaminsky Fund of the Erie Community Foundation.

Allied Urology is a prominent practice that has been serving Erie and its surrounding communities since 1920. Physicians Peter Lund, MD; Zdzislaw Chorazy, MD; and Michael Evankovich, MD have over 75 years of combined experience. Currently, the urology office treats nearly 12,000 patients annually, performs 200 cystoscopies and completes 175 scheduled surgical procedures per month.

The upgraded facility, set to open later this year, will feature a renovated space complete with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment including bladder scanners, ultrasound equipment, video scopes and technology to enhance telemedicine.

Because of the Hess Roth Kaminsky Fund, patients like Michael will continue their appointments with the same high-quality care in the same location, but with an enhanced facility.

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