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Coronavirus Vaccine

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Expanded eligibility: Anyone age 12 and older can now schedule and receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Coronavirus Resource

From scheduling vaccine appointments, finding a test location, and answering frequently asked questions AHN is here to provide guidance and support on all things Coronavirus.

Schedule your Coronavirus vaccine today

AHN is fully prepared to vaccinate as many people as we can, as quickly as we can. Check our scheduler for open appointments at a location convenient to you.

What do I do if I think I have Coronavirus?

If you have symptoms like a fever or cough, the safest place to be — for you and everyone else — is in your home. To get care, you have a few different options.

Common Cold, Flu, or Coronavirus?

Find out with AHN’s COVID-19 Symptom Checker — then learn what your options are for getting care.

AHN nurses making waiting rooms safe

Visiting patients

Patients can now have one healthy support person visit them. AHN understands how important having a loved one around can be for a patient’s recovery, and we’re happy to welcome back that support. Review our policy for details and exceptions. 

We're here for your health

AHN is committed to heightened disinfecting and protection measures, so you can trust you'll be safe at our hospitals and offices. If you need care, you can come to our facilities knowing we're taking every precaution to ensure you're seen quickly and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to stay safe, help AHN, and see your doctor for other care. Most importantly, get answers for what you need to know and do if you get coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • A medical professional giving a shot to a patient

    The COVID-19 Vaccine

    A vaccine is approved, and distribution has started. Find out more about vaccine supply, rollout plans, safety, and other important updates.

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    If you suspect you have it

    Discover when you need to quarantine yourself, see a doctor, and get tested. Also learn what happens after you get tested for coronavirus.

  • diagnostic scan of a person's lungs

    Coronavirus Testing

    AHN has opened many test collection locations in Western PA and Erie. To get an appointment, you need to call your doctor and get a prescription.

  • image of a woman laying on her couch looking at phone

    Basics and tips

    We learn more about COVID-19 every day including how the virus spreads, who’s more susceptible, using masks and how you can avoid catching it.

  • image of a pair of doctors washing their hands

    Care for other conditions

    If you are seeking treatment or have a chronic condition, you probably have a lot of questions on how COVID-19 affects your ongoing care.

  • image of a pregnant woman holding up a onesie

    What if I’m pregnant?

    If you’re concerned about yourself, your pregnancy, or your baby during this time, AHN is here to help keep you safe and healthy.

Are you looking for ways to help?

As we take on the many challenges of Coronavirus (COVID-19), AHN is extremely grateful for the outpouring of support from the community.