The Coronavirus Vaccines

Protect yourself, your family, and your community by getting your Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. If we all do our part to get vaccinated, we can slow the spread of Coronavirus and its variants.

There are currently several safe and effective vaccines for COVID-19 available through your doctor or pharmacy.

Scheduling Coronavirus vaccine and booster shots at AHN

You have two ways you can schedule your vaccination at AHN:

  1. Call to schedule with your primary care physician or pediatrician.
  2. Schedule online with your MyChart account.

You can also schedule your shot at a local pharmacy or retailer. Find a location near you using

Have questions about the vaccine? We have answers.

We have resources to answer your most common Coronavirus vaccine questions.

Staying up to date with Coronavirus vaccines and boosters

Recommendations for vaccination vary based on your age, your health status, and the vaccine type you receive in your primary series. The Centers for Disease Control offers guidance based on your age and certain risk factors.

What to expect and how to prepare for vaccination

Some people report symptoms like mild fever, headache, and body aches for a few days after receiving the vaccine. Learn some ways to prepare for feeling a bit under the weather if you do experience symptoms.

About the vaccine types

There are multiple vaccine types for COVID-19 from different manufacturers. The method the vaccine uses to protect you from coronavirus can also vary between vaccines. Learn more about the different COVID-19 vaccine types:

Safety of the vaccines

All available COVID-19 vaccines have met the Food and Drug Administration’s strictest requirements for use in intended recipients based on age and certain risk factors.

Still have more questions about the COVID-19 vaccines?

Find more answers on the CDC’s website.