Allegheny Health Network is celebrating National Donate Life Month. Together, with the Center for Organ Recovery & Education, we encourage you to make a difference this April. #DonateLife #AHNDonate

Time Is Of The Essence

Someone is added to the organ transplant list every

10 minutes

The Numbers are Staggering

People On The National Waiting List

That’s 3 sold-out games at PNC Park.

Pennsylvanians are on a transplant list.

That’s enough people to fill 187 Pittsburgh city buses.

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Organ Donation Myths

Myth: If I am in an accident and the doctors or nurses find my donor card, they will not try to save my life.

Fact: Doctors, nurses and paramedics will do everything to try to save your life. In fact, an individual needs to be in the hospital and on a ventilator at the time of death in order to donate organs. Core is not notified until all life-saving efforts have failed. The transplant team is not notified by CORE until after CORE has spoken to the individual’s family.

Myth: My organs aren't of any value because I have a history of medical illness.

Fact: Few illnesses or conditions prevent someone from being a donor. At the time of death, CORE will review medical and social histories to determine suitability.

Myth: My religion does not support donation.

Fact: All major religions either support donation or view it as an individual decision.

Myth: I am not the right age for donation.

Fact: There is no age limit for organ donation. The general age limit for tissue donation is 80 and cornea donation is 70.

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Live Donation

Live donation takes place when a living person donates a kidney or liver for transplantation to another person. The living donor can be a family member or from someone who is emotionally related to the recipient, such as a good friend, spouse or an in-law. In some cases, live donation may even be from a stranger, which is called an altruistic or non-directed donation.

To learn more about live donation opportunities at Allegheny Health Network, call 1.844.4DONORS

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