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Research Updates

Ongoing clinical research takes place throughout the year. The participation of the residents in research projects is encouraged, and we support independent study design and implementation of ideas. Various clinical investigations are conducted, including retrospective and prospective studies. These studies are supervised and supported by our faculty and the organization's institutional review board (IRB).

Clinical product manufacturers' trials are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. The residents play a strong role in the conduct of the trials by performing study-related tasks. Past trials include protocols involving diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, ankle implants, orthobiologics, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and onychomycosis. Residents are also encouraged to develop their own studies.

Research is often presented at local and national meetings. The results of residents' studies have been published in various journals.

Scholarly Activity

Our residents participate in the following activities during the course of an academic year:

Radiology Rounds (weekly): Provide residents an opportunity to present cases to attending physicians and fellow residents. The knowledge gained from these discussions is valuable in selecting procedures and techniques to be used and in managing the patient's postoperative course and any complications.

AO Workshops: Provide residents an opportunity to gain knowledge in osteosynthesis techniques.

Mortality and Morbidity Clinic (monthly): Residents and attending physicians discuss patient complications, trying to determine the reasons for these complications and how they can be avoided.

Journal Clubs (monthly): This activity allows for extensive interaction between the residents and the attending physicians as they discuss 3 to 5 current articles over a relaxing and fun dinner.

Scott Alter, DPM Memorial Lecture Series (monthly): Provocative speakers from various parts of the country conduct 6 to 8 session per year; each session is approved for 4 credit hours.

Research Meeting (monthly): Residents and attending physicians discuss ongoing research, (sponsored trials, investigator-initiated studies, publications) and upcoming conferences.

Near – Peer Lecture: Residents and student externs interact to share ideas and knowledge.

Wet (Cadaver) Lab (bi-monthly): Residents and attending physicians perform scheduled cadaver dissections.

Physical Diagnosis Course: This 2-day course provides a refresher on the nuances of the head-to-toe physical examination. It helps residents meet and exceed expectations throughout their medical and surgical rotations.  Residents must pass the final examination to achieve certification.